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Here’s how we’ll craft copy that converts


Let's Chat

We’ll start with a friendly chat to get to know your brand, your goals, and your audience. It’s all about understanding what makes your business tick! Schedule an Onboarding call.


Onboarding Call

We’ll go over the agreement form together and set up your google drive where you’ll receive all the copy. You’ll make your first month’s payment to hold your spot to kickstart the process. Then, we’ll schedule the 90 minute kick-off call.


Kick-Off Call

(90-minute Kick-Off Call) This is where the fun begins! We’ll deep dive with questions to uncover who your ideal audience is and how you help them. I want to hear all about your backstory, your brand voice, personality, and tone.
And here’s the cool part – you’ll grant me access to your analytics so I can make informed decisions moving forward. The goal is to create copy that truly resonates with your audience.
We’ll set some goals, sketch out our projects, and make sure we’re all on the same page.


Research and Analysis

I’ll research your industry, scope out your competitors, and really get to know your audience inside and out. Plus, I’ll keep an eye on the latest trends. This helps me craft messaging that speaks directly to your prospects.


Drafting the Copy

This is where I’ll create captivating content tailored to your brand and audience. After drafting, I’ll step away for a day or two and then come back to it with fresh eyes.


Weekly 1:1 Calls

We’ll have our weekly check-ins to chat about new content, any wins you’ve had, or whatever else you want to discuss. It’s all about keeping the communication flowing. You’ll review the work and give feedback to make sure we’re hitting the mark.

Step 7

Tweak and Refine (editing)

Here, you’ll provide feedback and we’ll make any necessary changes (usually one minor edit per piece of copy).

Step 8

Ongoing Testing

It’s the part that never ends! We’ll A/B test (split test) the copy to find what works best. You’ll share the initial results from the copy we’ve launched, and we’ll keep testing and optimizing it to boost conversions, whether it’s for landing pages, social ads, or email subject lines.

Access To Support

You’ll have ongoing support via Facebook and my personal number for anything you need, whether it’s more content, revisions, or just a chat.

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