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About me

I’m Amity Word

Yes, “Word” is my real last name!
I’m a conversion copywriter aka Word Nerd.

Instead of writing pretty words; I craft words that connect with your target audience and motivate them to take action.

With a background in digital marketing and a passion for psychology, I’ve launched successful quarter-million-dollar campaigns for renowned brands like Dove, Talenti, and Breyers.
 It was during this period that I uncovered the art of Copywriting, simplifying it as “selling with words.”

After corporate burnout, I leaped into establishing my copywriting business.

Today, I write copy that converts!
Now, I apply my own “Trust Builder Method” to help coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs attract “quality” clients, boost conversions, and increase ROI.

You can be #1 in sales, but if you don’t build trust and a connection with your prospects, they won’t buy from you.

I’m here to help you connect with your audience, stand out as unique brand, and clarify your messaging so that it resonates with the right people.

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